Kathy Fahy is uniquely skilled in the field of bespoke destination planning. Her experience and relationship with Italian Villas and luxurious hotels, her professional expertise as a fashion visionary and her passion for Italy have culminated in a dream that was meant to be shared on many levels.

Italy Bespoke Travel is the new division which will focus on Honeymoons, Villa Vacations and unique planning opportunities for events. Her knowledge of Italy and attention to details assure that every client's trip is an experience.

Villa Vacations in Italy are an integral part of what Kathy sees as the ultimate experience. Many personal villa vacations in Italy were the inspiration behind her concept for bespoke travel. Once a villa renter...always a villa renter! There is no better way to share a celebration with loved ones, especially when it is accompanied by a bespoke itinerary.

Extensive research and travel throughout Italy fostered partnerships and relationships that would become the foundation of her parent company Luxe Wellness in Italy which she founded in 2007. Custom itineraries, insider's information and impeccable service are the mainstays of what creates an experience that is Wellness...it captures your being and changes you forever!

Kathy's passion for Italy is heightened by her desire to share her travel intelligence. The time spent planning and managing every precious detail is what creates the magic for the experience of a lifetime.




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